GQ Announces Its New Nominees for 2014 Best New Menswear Designers in America

For the 8th year in a row, GQ has announced its big nominees for the new menswear designer of the year 2014. Each nominee will have a more affordable version of their collection sold at the Gap stores this fall. Below are the four nominees


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M.Nii established in 2011 has been coined as the great surf revivalist

Originally a hawaiian tailor shop on Oahu from ’48 to ’68 that also designed custom trunks for the likes of JFK. The inspiration for this collection is derived from the retro trunks, tees and trousers.

Growing up as a surfer and someone who’s into fashion, designer John Moore has chosen to focus on establishing the brand without any big logo. Choosing to focus on the classic retro prints enables M.Nii be a brand both the surfer and the banker can wear on the weekends.


Brooklyn tailors

Brooklyn Tailors was established in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2007.

Designer Daniel Lewis get his inspiration from his favorite brands in the early 2000’s. Making suit more art-school dropout than prep-school blue blood. Brooklyn Tailors choose to focus on luxurious fabrics; using donegal wool and something a blend of cashmere and hemp.

“When you think of Williamsburg over the past couple of decades, you think of a disheveled young person,” Lewis says. “And those people are growing up. People who moved here when they were 18 to be in a band now work in advertising. And that’s really our customer base.” 


En Noir, coined The Dark Lords of Streetwear was established in New York 2012.

Designer Rob Garcia has had a fascination with fashion since college.En Noir re-imagines basics (like tanks and sweats) as broody leather goods. “I default to black. It’s the first color I design in, and it keeps things consistent: En Noir is about monochromatic minimalism.”  “A$AP Rocky and Pusha T have both supported us from day one—like, back when I was just doing samples and the clothes weren’t even in stores.”


Coined The Tom Ford of Sweatpants, John Elliot + Co was established in 2012.

“Growing up,” Elliott says, “I was obsessed with skateboarding, Nirvana, and the NBA. I wore jeans, red flannel, and Jordans.” So when he launched his line, he says, “I wanted to start with the three categories that I put on my body: denim, French terry cloth, and jersey.”“Everything  we do is designed to layer. The fit is slim and very long. I like my jeans to stack. I like to wear-in raw denim and have the creases develop character. I like long slim T-shirts that are slouchy and exposed, even beneath outerwear. Our sweatshirts have an asymmetry to them. My goal is to have somebody take a second look and say, ‘That’s something I haven’t seen before.’ ”“All the designers here in L.A.—we’re a pack of kids who are hungry as hell and want to help each other out.”

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