Gabriela Artigas

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LA-based jewelry designer, Gabriela Artigas, was raised in Mexico City, and her varied collections of necklaces, bracelets and rings reflect her life as both an Angelino and her childhood south of the border. All of the pieces are handmade in either Los Angeles or Mexico City, nothing is produced overseas.

The collection has been featured in the LA times and is getting attention from fashion’s biggest bloggers. Chelsea Handler, Carey Mulligan, Emma Roberts and Tyra Banks are just a few star fans of the label.

Like the Artigas sisters, the Gabriela Artigas collection is a study in contrasts. A mix of bold and delicate, organic and geometric, precious and semiprecious, the pieces — including razor-thin diamond cuffs, standout ox horn pendant necklaces and hexagonal metallic rings — are designed to be combined and worn in different ways.

“We want to keep creating pieces that are very architectural, clean and timeless, so it’s a boundary between fine and costume jewelry in a very contemporary way,” says Gabriela, who cites as inspiration the style of her father and paternal grandfather, Francisco Artigas, an internationally renowned Modernist architect in Mexico City.

Whether you just wear a T-shirt and jeans or a couture gown, you can put on a piece of Gabriela’s jewelry and it makes the outfit. We are proud to be one of the few retailers to carry her minimalist statement jewelry. To see the amazing collection visit us in-store or online.

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