About Spindle & Canister

Spindle [spin-dl] – a device to spin fibers into thread.

Canister [kan-uh-ster] – a small box or jar.

Spindle & Canisters is a Los Angeles based company established with the goal of creating classic collections suitable for a laid back lifestyle for the modern man. To stay true to our goal, we focus on the fabric, fit and subtle details such as hand painted zipper pulls and treated wooden buttons. the fabrics are pre shrunk and softened to ensure that our pieces fit and feel the same after multiple usages by our consumers. With the opening of our retail store in Malibu, California we have acquired a wide selection of both Men’s and Women’s attire for almost any style and personality to be expressed with the highest quality and comfort.

We are located at:

3890 Cross Creek Rd.

Malibu Ca. 90265